Hi. I’m Harper and I’m addicted to podcasts.

It all happened when I realized that sitting in traffic during my daily commute sucked major balls. To un-suck those balls, I needed some next-level entertainment. I’m not sure that last sentence did the work it was supposed to..

Anyhow, I found podcasts and have not looked back since. A good podcast can make the hellish world of the commute seem almost prelapsarian. And that’s no small thing.

So here’s my own, highly subjective little list of podcasts that won’t waste your time. I think.

1. The Drabblecast

DrabblecastThe Drabblecast’s byline reads: “Strange stories, by strange authors, for strange listeners.” And that pretty much sums it up. Hosted by the hilarious, incomparable Norm Sherman, Drabblecast will satiate your thirst for weird, strange fiction.

Of all the fiction podcasts I’ve experimented with, Drabblecast is by far the most satisfying, best edited, and professionally produced.

Give them a try. But listener beware: it’s addictive.

2. Pseudopod


There’s something about audio fiction that lends itself to the horrific. Maybe it’s the personal connection the listener forms with the narrator.

Maybe it’s the hearkening back to a simpler time when people used to scare the living shit out of each other around the campfire with stories of ghosts and monsters that live underneath the bed (Yes, they’re still there. Go look.).

Whatever the reason, I thoroughly recommend Pseudopod. Hosted by Alasdair Stuart, the podcast features original and reprinted (or is that re-casted?) short fiction of the horrific persuasion.

Apart from the quality of the fiction, what really sets this podcast apart from the rest is the excellent, professional-level voice talent. You won’t find better narration if you paid for an audio-book. And Pseudopod’s free.

How cool is that?

3. Word Crimes

word crimes

Hosted and created by Erik Arneson, Word Crimes features audio productions of some of the most exciting new talent in crime fiction.

Although there’s sometimes a bit of downtime between casts, Word Crimes delivers the goods.

If you like your crime fiction short and dirty, like a sawn-off shotgun blast to the gut, then check out Word Crimes.

You won’t be disappointed.


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