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Writing Prompt: That Car..

Some writers are lucky bastards. They have so many ideas rolling around in their heads that they’ll never live long enough to write about all of them.

Then there are other writers who don’t have it that easy. Ideas are illusive things that seem to stick around for about as long as a Prohibitionist in a brewery. These posts are for you. You can write. You just need a bit of a push. I know your pain.

Today’s writing prompt is a photo. Look at that car. Is that snow? Ash? Something else covering it, maybe? And why does it look like the car in front doesn’t share the same fate?

Write a paragraph, a story, hell–write a goddamned novel about this one.


Just write already.



Image: Photo by DKdIV38 is licenced under CC BY 2.0

Keeping it Simple

simple wooden barsThe compact, descriptive sentence.

When I write, I’m always aiming for that. It’s the Holy Grail of my writing, the endless quest. The goal: to write a short sentence that conveys maximum meaning with minimum words.

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The Music is King

Headphone Jack

I’ve been thinking about how critical music is to my writing. It’s never occurred to me to write without some tunes to lock me out of my surroundings. Maybe the chief killer of good, solid writing time is just how distracting the outside world can be. Music takes care of that. It wraps you in a nice, fuzzy cocoon of creativity that tells the outside world to go elsewhere.

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